Vacation Rental 101: Decoration

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Vacation Rental 101: Decoration

On your list of to-dos’ for setting up your vacation rental, decorating your home should be a fun and easy one to cross off. Balancing budget and aesthetics is a task, but keeping the renter in mind is the most crucial step as attracting guests will get you a return on your decorating investments. To help you expertly decorate your vacation home, we’ve gathered a short list of tips that we’ve found to be the most effective.

Create a relaxing environment

When guests arrive at your vacation home, the first thing they will want to do is relax. Decorating your vacation rental with formal furniture may lead guests to reconsider kicking their feet up. When it comes to choosing furniture for your rental, think comfy and casual. Comfortable furniture, soothing colors and appealing décor will create positive, peaceful energy that is sure to spread to your guests. And, if a traveler enjoys their vacation in your home they may even become a repeat guest!

Invest in durable materials

Anything with a stain resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant promise is a safe investment when choosing your furnishings. Wear over time and accidents are inevitable, so opting for durable furniture and carpeting will save you in the long run. In areas with high foot traffic, choose stone or hardwood flooring as opposed to having a worn look over time with carpeting. A more budget friendly approach is the use of area rugs, as these can easily be replaced and cleaned. Another bonus of area rugs is that you can change up your décor scheme easily when the seasons or trends change.

Add some character

Last but not least, a house is not a home without some human touch. Bring your unique style to the décor, as long as it makes sense considering the previous 2 tips. It’s recommended not to use things that are too personal, such as family photos or heirlooms – but attractive artwork or unique accents that reflect your tastes can provide a space with some personality. Leveraging all the senses is a creative way to add some flair. For example, appeal to the sense of touch with a soft throw blanket or allure the nose with a floral candle. Adding your character to your vacation home will help give guests the feeling of warmth you get from being at home.

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