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Lavish Your Guests in Luxury with Spree

Just another way Casiola brings value to your vacation rental property, the newly launched Spree program spoils your guests with luxurious products. Spree works with top luxury brands to place products in vacation rental homes. Guests win because they get to enjoy these premium products during their stay. Brands get exposure for their newest products and rental owners get paid per guest impression. It’s a win-win-win!

The amount a vacation owner earns varies depending on the product and the number of guests they host. Spree makes it easy to earn this extra income; their Spree Connect WiFi router is specially designed to count guests and impressions. All you have to do is sit back and watch the extra income come in! As a bonus, the Spree Connect router also acts as the home’s wireless router, providing the home with incredibly fast and reliable WiFi. 

The brands Spree works with offer the products to vacation owners at a deep discount or for free. A vacation owner has full control over what’s placed in their home. They can decide whether or not to accept or purchase the items offered to them. 

Products that guests have the opportunity to try include food and drink, electronics and appliances, furniture, bedding and personal care products. Guests can even purchase the products they see and use, often at a discount thanks to special offers from Spree and the brands featured.

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