Vista Cay owner makes $50,072.40 from Oct 2016 thru Sept 2017

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  2. Vista Cay owner makes $50,072.40 from Oct 2016 thru Sept 2017

Vista Cay Resort owner makes more than $50,000 from Oct 2016 thru Sept 2017


Casiola homeowner, Patrick, bought a 3-bedroom / 3.5 -bath townhome in Vista Cay Resort, Orlando FL.  As with all our owners, Casiola has provided Patrick with our full-service vacation home property management. This included helping him with the design and setup of his new vacation rental.

During the onboarding period, immediately after Patrick joined Casiola’s family, we shared ideas on how to decorate his unit to maximize bookings.

In this case study, we compare Patrick’s unit with two other Casiola 3-bedroom / 3.5 bath townhomes in Vista Cay, that were not redecorated.  These two other owners received the same full vacation home property management services as Patrick did: Seamless startup, Powerful marketing, Guest services, Dynamic pricing, Property care and Reporting & financial.


Though Patrick’s fellow vacation homeowners of townhome A and B were happy with their respective units’ performance, they could have done better.

“I realized that Casiola was doing better than other management companies at Vista Cay, so I started wondering what would be the results if I would ask them to design the new look of my home”, Patrick confessed to us.

The solution was to execute Casiola’s redecorating plan. We met with Patrick to discuss the concept, walked him through the entire process, presented him with a few mock-up designs and helped him during the selection process. Our team was up to date with the latest interior design trends. That, combined with the knowledge of what furniture and décor are best for vacation homes led Patrick’s unit to significantly outperform the others.


Townhome A Townhome B Patrick's Townhome
Rental income $35,359 $38,013 $50,072
Occupancy 60% 66% 80%
ADR* $160 $158 $170

After updating Patrick’s listing with new photos showcasing his beautifully redecorated home, he immediately saw an uptick in bookings. That enabled us to update our Dynamic Pricing models with a higher ADR (average daily rate), which in turn created more rental income for Patrick and increased the occupancy rate to 80%.

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