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But we understand that vacation home owners have many good questions that need to be answered first.  Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page to find the answers you’re looking for!

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What kind of services are offered by Casiola?
How does Casiola market my vacation home?
Who should use Casiola?

What kind of services are offered by Casiola?

Casiola offers a complete vacation home property management.  This includes marketing, renting, reservations, housekeeping, customer service (before, during, and after stay), financials, and repair & maintenance.  We also assist our owners with municipal administrative tasks such as licensing, etc.

How does Casiola market my vacation home?

We list and manage your vacation rental on top sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and VRBO, among many others.  Casiola also uses other advertising channels such Facebook (and other social media platforms), Google, and Bing, to name a few.  We are also increasing the number of partners and affiliates that help add visibility to your vacation home.

Who should use Casiola?

Vacation home property owners who want to rent out their home in the long and short-term rental markets to make supplementary income should use Casiola. Usually, our owners either don’t have the time to manage their property themselves or they don’t live near their vacation home.

What does Casiola do for vacation home rental owners?

We take care of every aspect of renting your vacation home.  We stage your home, advertise it, book reservations, and handle housekeeping, bookkeeping and maintenance, but it is the competitive market analysis and revenue management that our owners appreciate the most.  Our efforts payoff when our owners and guests are happy, and they show us by leaving great reviews.  

Our goal is to enable you to make the most revenue from your rental without having to do any of the legwork. We offer our owners various levels of services to satisfy their needs (see Casiola Services page).  Every owner will receive the same onboarding treatment that includes professional photos and descriptions of their vacation home and resort, and a thorough inventory and market analysis, as listed on our Owner Onboarding Menu. Of course, we also advertise your vacation home rental to potential guests as well as manage the in and outs of reservations, payments, check-in and check- out, housekeeping, regular maintenance, preventive maintenance, and emergency maintenance. We do it all!  At the end of the day, our owners can sleep well at night knowing their vacation home rentals are receiving the Casiola love we are known for!

What do you charge for managing a vacation rental?

Casiola offers our owners two distinct pricing plans: revenue share and fixed income.  Our most popular plan is the revenue share plan where owners get 80% of the rental revenue and Casiola receives 20%.  The fixed income plan is a great fit for owners who want the peace of mind of guaranteed income every month.  Call us today to learn more about the right plan for you!

I don’t have my property on Airbnb or VRBO. Can I still join Casiola?

Oh, yes!  We have owners that joined the Casiola family right after closing on their first vacation home property.  Casiola will set you up with the best tools and platforms like HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, TribAdvisor, and others.  We’ll manage them all for you.  Check out our Services page for a full list of platforms we use!

What if I already have guest reservations booked when I sign up with Casiola?

If you booked guests using platforms that we also use, we’ll automatically import your current reservations into our system, and you can select which ones you want us to manage. After that, we’ll fully manage your new incoming reservations.

Reservations booked on any other platform will be blocked off on your calendar and may need to be serviced by you or your existing management company.

How does Casiola help me earn more from my rental property?

Casiola’s revenue management system will optimize your rates each and every night.  We consider different factors such as zip code, number of bedrooms, historical pricing data, and current neighborhood prices. You can also set your own rates and create discounts.

In addition, we promptly reply to all inquiries, which helps secure more bookings. We also post your listing across all major booking platforms in our network to maximize your exposure.

How much does joining Casiola cost?

Joining Casiola is completely free! Once you’re up and running, Casiola earns 20% from each reservation. (Traditional management services charge a fee anywhere from 25-50%, but our technology enables us to be more efficient in managing your rental and thereby charge a lower rate.)  

What happens if guests damage my property?

Casiola has serviced tens of thousands of reservations, and in our experience, we have found that the vast majority of guests are conscientious, polite, and well-behaved. But we do recognize the risks of inviting people into your property, and there are those rare instances when things go wrong, even if just by accident. As a result, Casiola requires a security deposit for each reservation and requires our owners to invest in incidental insurance (available through Pablow Insurance). In addition, our cleaning partners complete an inventory before check-in and after check-out to report any obvious damage or theft. Should this be reported, Casiola has a system in place to assist you in taking appropriate action and filing a claim.

How does Casiola keep my property clean and secure?

Our network of Casiola Pros are insured and contracted vendors that help maintain your property. Casiola Pros are automatically scheduled to professionally clean your home, provide fresh linens and towels, and restock supplies. They also install smart lock technology or other secure access methods and report any issues they find.

Where does Casiola currently operate?

Casiola currently operates in the Orlando, Florida Metro Area, 20 minutes from either Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, or SeaWorld.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as easy as clicking on Join us. We don’t require long term contracts or charge setup fees! Send us some details about your vacation rental, and a Casiola Owner Services representative will take it from there. We’ll get your vacation home ready for rental within 10 business days. Once that’s complete, we’re all about earning you extra income!

Can you help me convert to a vacation rental?

Yes, we can help you convert your existing property into a vacation home rental, as well as guide investors through Vacation Home Purchasing Best Practices. Whether it is helping you secure a short-term license if necessary, to meeting movers, the cable company, etc., our Casiola representatives will help you get through the process quickly and smoothly.

What kind of contract do I need to sign?

Every Casiola contract is structured to be a month-to-month agreement.  We have a contract option to match most vacation home rental owners’ needs.  All of our contracts offer full transparency and the ability to upgrade (or downgrade) to a different agreement that best matches your needs.  Each includes a 30-day out clause for any reason – if you are not happy with the service, you can leave with a month’s notice. Please contact us, and we will be happy to send you our agreement for your review. You could also fill out Casiola’s online New Owner Questionnaire, and we’ll match your specific needs with an agreement that meets your goals and interests.

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of availability?

No, however we do require that all homes managed by Casiola are year-round rentals. There is no problem with an owner, friends, or family using a rental for weeks or even months at a time, however if you plan to only make it available occasionally, then your home probably is not right for our program. We also reserve the right to cancel a homeowner agreement if the home is predominantly unavailable for bookings.

Does my home need to be of a certain quality or size?

To some degree yes. While Casiola does not work exclusively with luxury properties, we do focus on high-value rentals in desirable locations. This could be a high-end studio apartment in a downtown metro area, or it could be a great single-family home located near a vacation destination. We will look at every home and let you know if it’s a good fit for Casiola. Contact us to see if your home qualifies.

Is there anything I am required to have at my home?

Yes, there is! Guests expect a fully-functioning home when they arrive, complete with furniture, appliances, cookware, glassware, silverware, internet, TV, etc., as well as a standard supply of bed linens, bath and hand towels, and typical consumables like light-bulbs and batteries. We will work with you to make sure that you have everything in place. Internet connections are required at every home – TV can be optional in certain rural areas. Nicely decorated homes tend to create more bookings, and we always encourage owners to have a home that makes a great first impression. A good test of whether or not you need to have something in your rental is to put yourself in a guest’s shoes. If you were staying somewhere for a week, what would you expect to have in that rental home? We aim to provide guests with all of the necessary essentials for their stay.

Do I need to have a traditional phone line/landline installed?

No, a landline is not necessary unless you wish to have one for your own personal stay. While we require wifi to be available, we do not require a landline. Virtually all guests come equipped with mobile phones, and the expense of maintaining a landline just for guest use is not needed.

How do you set pricing for my rental?

At Casiola, we manage rates systematically.  Our revenue management practice is performed daily, and we use different technology that keeps us ahead of the game.  Pricing factors include competition, day of the week, month of the year, unit location and conditions, among many other factors.  New accounts start with Casiola’s onboarding strategy, consisting of an initial based price tailored to generate pipeline, immediately followed by our Stage-2 strategy that’s designed to deliver higher returns!

How much does it cost to advertise my rental?

Casiola’s advertising program is at no cost to you.

What if I already have my home listed on the booking sites you use?

We’ll work with you to migrate your listing over to our managed accounts.  Next, we’ll sign you up with our award winning Onboarding Program. No set up fees and no long term contracts!

Do I need to provide you with photographs?

No, you don’t have to provide images!  As part of Casiola’s award winning Onboarding Program, all of our units are professionally photographed to increase marketability.  We also take fresh photographs (at no cost to you!) when the landscape changes, new furniture is added, or we simply don’t like a picture any more.

How do guests pay you?

We accept all major credit cards! They can pay at our online secure booking engine or, when using reputable distribution channels like HomeAway or Airbnb, guest will use their built-in check-out process.

How do guests interact with Casiola?

The Casiola Guest Experience is among the top 3 reasons for our rapid growth – 519% since 2014!  We offer a toll-free number for guests to reach us 24/7. We monitor Casiola’s social media platform by the hour, and every email from a guest is received by multiple members of our Guest Experience Support team. Our contingency programs enables quick responses, regardless of the method of communication.  Live Chat is coming soon!

Can guests book my property online?

Yes, Casiola offers real-time online booking capabilities.  After their reservation is booked, a confirmation email is automatically sent to with more information and self-check-in instructions.

How do you handle online bookings?

We use our own system which is integrated with with all of our booking partners such as HomeAway, Airbnb, Expedia, and others.  Our system prevents double bookings, enables revenue management, and much more.  

How do you handle advanced deposits?

Guests may reserve your vacation home in advance with a 20% deposit.  The balance (80%) may be paid any time prior 30 days before check-in.  In other words, the remaining balance must be paid in full 30 days prior to the reservation!

When do I get paid for reservations?

We process payments during the first week of every month for reservations that have been fulfilled during the previous month.  On the 7th day of every month, you’ll receive a statement that includes future payments from booked reservations.  Payments will be delivered to you by the 10th of each month.

Why do you do commission-based pricing?

Commission-based pricing, also known as our revenue share plan, is the industry-standard for vacation rental property management firms.  But we offer other plans such as fixed income!  Casiola’s goal is to accommodate our owners as much as possible without affecting your guests’ experience.

What kind of reporting do I get on my unit?

On the 7th  day of every month, our owners receive an account statement detailing income and expenses, with respective sources, for the previous month.  Owners also have access to upcoming reservations and how much guests paid.

Do I have to handle paying any lodging taxes?

No, Casiola handles that for you. We collect the taxes, put them into our owner escrow-style account, and remit on your behalf. Each reservation has taxes added to the amount of the rental, so when you see a rental dollar amount, you can rest assured that we have collected and will remit tax on top of that. You do not need to send us extra money to pay taxes, nor do you need to file with your lodging authority.

Do vacation home owners need to wash linens after a guest checks out?

No, the cleaning fees include laundry service for linens. Our cleaners will either do it on-site if time permits or bring the linens to a laundry facility.

Do I need to provide all the amenities every time a guest stays like soap, paper towels, toilet paper?

No, you don’t need to worry about that. Casiola makes sure that our homes remain stocked. We require that our vacation rental homes come with an initial set of amenities so when guests arrive, they don’t need to head straight to the store.  

What if I want to redecorate my vacation home?

We love it when owners stay involved with the decorating and improving of their home. Keeping homes up to date increases the rental value.  If you need help deciding which styles will be popular among guests, Casiola can help you! When you go to schedule a furniture delivery or plan to drop by to update the decor, just make sure to check that your home is not booked during that time!

Does Casiola provide emergency services?

Yes, Casiola has someone on-call 24/7, 365 days per year!  We take the guest’s call and dispatch the appropriate professional. We pay for the service and then add the bill to your homeowner statement, taking out of your revenue for the month – that way you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for anything unless it happens to be a major repair.  Casiola does not charge any additional fees for these types of emergency jobs.

How do you handle noisy guests?

We require renters to be at least 21 years old, and we have a strict policy of evicting them upon any sign of excessive noise, partying, or over-occupancy. Parties do happen, and we want people to enjoy themselves; however, we do not tolerate abuse at the properties and contractually have heavy measures in place to evict and charge additional fees if we see such things. If we receive multiple noise complaints about a guest, we will send over the police and possibly remove the guest from the property for the remainder of the stay.

Do owners have to allow pets?

No, that is up to each individual owner, and it varies from resort to resort.  We have a policy in place that limits the type, size, and number of pets allowed.  Our policies about pets are all spelled out in our terms and conditions.

What about regular maintenance?

Casiola takes pride in its regular and preventive maintenance schedule. Some maintenance is provided by Casiola (i.e. air filter replacement) and other services are completed by contracted professionals (i.e. air-conditioning, fire extinguisher, etc).  

Who takes care of my lawn or my pool?

Most of the vacation home rentals we manage are located in resorts where lawn services are included in the HOA fees.  Some resorts offer pool services as well.  If these services are not managed by the resort, then your vacation home will be serviced by our trusted vendors.  In this case, bills for the service are sent directly to you.

Are there any other regular services I should have scheduled?

Yes, there are other services we encourage, and these are included on Casiola’s Maintenance Schedule. Each vacation home’s needs are different, so make sure to ask your Owner Service representative what works best for your home!

Who handles garbage collection?

Garbage collection services are provided by the resorts or municipality where your vacation home is located.  Our cleaning team will make sure to bring trash out for collection after every check-out.  This service is included with the Cleaning Fee guests pay.

I'm uncomfortable giving out keys to strangers. How do you give guests access to my vacation home?

Casiola uses a type of digitally-coded lock specifically designed for lodging that is known to be the gold standard in the vacation rental industry. They are expensive but worthwhile, and we cover the cost. They are proven to be reliable, secure, and can withstand harsh outdoor environments. They are very secure with all codes expiring upon check-out. Even cleaners and handymen can be issued one-time access codes. We keep your home secure and only allow access to the right people at the right time. Unlike many other management companies, we do not cut corners by using cheaper and less secure locks, and we never hand out keys to anyone.

What’s your average occupancy rate?

Occupancy rates varies from unit to unit and are subject to multiple variables.  At Casiola, we understand that high occupancy rates do not necessarily  mean you’ll get more money. For example, lowering your nightly rate may raise your occupancy rate but might not earn you very much revenue. With our property management strategy, the goal is to deliver both high occupancy rates and high revenue!

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