myCasiola – Easy booking management

See each and every booking for your property right on the myCasiola Property Dashboard. All the bookings fall into four different categories — regular guests, your guests, your referrals and your own stays. You get an immediate overview of bookings in each category and can edit and cancel any bookings with one tap. myCasiola gives you unlimited booking power!

All kinds of bookings

myCasiola breaks down each of your property’s bookings into one of four categories, easily identifiable by their color.

 Booking placed by Casiola
 Booking for the owner
 Guest of owner
 Owner referral
Erica – Owner Relations Manager

Add New Bookings

It’s a snap to add a new booking through myCasiola. Add bookings for yourself or for your guests through the clear and simple myCasiola booking interface.  

Update Existing Bookings

myCasiola makes it easy to change or update an existing booking. Effortlessly edit guest information, add more days to the vacation and take care of other changes up to one day before check-in.

Turn On Notifications

Don’t want to miss any updates? Turn on notifications and get an email for every new booking or booking change. You can fully customize what notifications you get, how often you get them and when they’re sent.

Manage your bookings with Casiola. Join us now!