myCasiola – Property timeline

myCasiola Property timeline

Each of your property’s history in one glance…see everything about your property in one comprehensive overview. From the booking details to maintenance visits, reviews to cleanings and inspections, see all the details of your property in real-time on the Property Timeline.

Manage your bookings

See all your bookings in one spot and easily manage upgrades and cancellations. You can even add your own bookings for yourself or for guests.

See All Cleaning, Maintenance and Inspection Visits

View all your property’s maintenance visits, including cleanings from our in-house housekeeping team, rigorous inspections by our property inspectors and skilful repairs from our maintenance crew.

Check Out Your Reviews

As soon as a guest leaves a review, you’ll see it! We also receive the same feedback, so we can work together on any negative feedback.

Review Your Documents

No need to rifle through the filing cabinet. myCasiola puts all your financial and legal documents right at your fingertips. View all your financial and legal documents, including monthly statements and bills.

Navigate easily with Integrated Filters

Keep your inbox clean and easily see only the messages you need at that time with our simple filter feature. Filter all your messages by different categories and get an instant snapshot of just the messages you want.

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