Vista Cay Resort

How much can you earn at Vista Cay Resort?

We work at the best rates in the business. Find out how much exactly you can earn while working with us.

Property Type Average Daily Rate Annual Revenue Expenses Performance-based income 100% Guaranteed income
2 Bedroom Standard $130.00 $33,215.00 $12,143.00 $21,072.00 $17,911.20
3 Bedroom Standard $140.00 $35,770.00 $12,654.00 $23,116.00 $19,648.60
2 Bedroom Deluxe $145.00 $34,401.25 $12,880.25 $21,521.00 $18,292.85
3 Bedroom Deluxe $170.00 $43,435.00 $15,187.00 $28,248.00 $24,010.80
3 Bedroom Deluxe Lakeview $180.00 $45,990.00 $15,698.00 $30,292.00 $25,748.20
3 Bedroom Townhome $170.00 $43,435.00 $16,187.00 $27,248.00 $23,160.80
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*All amounts for income and expenses are estimates and are NOT to be considered guaranteed. Amounts do not reflect expenses for HOA fees, CDD fees, big repairs, property taxes, etc. Amounts do not reflect for potential appreciation gain and, for US buyers, potential tax benefits. Casiola LLC does not claim to be a financial or legal adviser. This is in no way a guarantee of occupancy. Expenses can vary with inflation and other factors.

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