Two straightforward pricing plans

Get your income based on the revenue your property makes or opt for the guaranteed monthly income. Choose the plan that works best for you!

Karina –  Bookkeeper

Performance-based income

We fully manage your property, for a
low 20% commission fee.

Make more money

The more money your property makes, the more money you pocket!

Use your home as much as you want

Enjoy your home any time it’s available.

Same incentive

Everyone benefits when your rental home earns maximum revenue!

100% Guaranteed income

We fully manage your property, and
you collect the same income every month.

No extra fees

We take care of expenses like utilities, light maintenance or home essentials!

Long-Term Stability

You can have peace of mind knowing that your rental will always bring in revenue.

Revenue Without the Risk

You’ll receive your guaranteed rental income each month, regardless of occupancy!

Performance-Based income with secured floor

If you’re interested in the ROI of Performance-Based income, but also want the security of a guaranteed income, you can now for Secured Floor income. There is no maximum to what you earn, but we guarantee you a minimum income. Contact us for all details.

Need help choosing a plan?

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