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Local to Orlando? Stop by our Orlando office to chat with our staff over a cup of coffee. Live halfway around the world? Signing up with Casiola just takes a few clicks!

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No set up cost

No hidden fees! We set up your vacation home for FREE!

No long-term contracts

All of our management agreements are month-to-month!

No monthly dues

We manage your property 100% and take a percentage of the total revenue.

How does it work?

Sign with us and take a deep breath — we have it all covered! Throughout the entire process, we keep you in the loop every step of the way through the online owner portal. Here’s what we tackle first:


We’ll make sure your property is fully legal in the State of Florida, preparing all the tax and licensing documents for you.


We set up your myCasiola account so that you can follow the progress and see in real-time everything that’s going on with your property.

Safety & Security

Guests won’t have to fuss with keys thanks to our electronic locks that offer extra security. Each guest receives their own code in advance, so they can start their vacation right away.

Services setup

If your vacation home has a pool, hot tub, lawn or another amenity that requires extra services, we set up these vendors to handle routine maintenance, ensuring your home is always in the best condition.  

Utility account

We’ll switch or open utility accounts into our name so that we can easily manage all the utility bills. myCasiola gives you a clear view of everything — Internet, electricity, water, trash, etc. — that’s paid and paid on time.

Signage & interior

Before each guest arrives, we do a final check of the interior, replacing or adding any broken or missing items. We make sure everything that needs extra explanation is fully-labelled and also include that information on the in-property tablet.


Our creative and professional listings give your property extra exposure on all the top booking sites.

High Quality Pictures

When your property is ready for guests, our professional photographers will capture its best qualities and amenities, making it look its best. Better pictures help make a better first impression with potential guests.

Our owners are family — we’re here for you!

From the moment you contact us, our onboarding team will be there each step of the way, answering questions and offering guidance.

Join the Casiola family today!

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