3 Easy Decorating Tips to Make Your Listing More Attractive

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3 Easy Decorating Tips to Make Your Listing More Attractive

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There are many factors that make vacation rentals popular with travelers.  As a homeowner, some of these factors you can’t control, and some you can.  Décor is an element to your listing that you have full control over and can have a huge positive impact on your booking performance.

Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular for vacation housing as an alternative to hotels. For vacation homeowners, this is great news – but also means you’re bound to have many competitors in the market.  Decorating with furniture is an easy and non-intrusive way for you to make your listing stand out amongst the crowd.  And best yet, decorating your home is an endeavor you can complete in a single day!  Here are three tips to keep in mind to decorate your vacation rental.

1.   Use Eye-Catching Colors

An easy way to wake-up a room and draw a guest’s attention is to use bursts of bright color in your décor. A splash of color can make your vacation rental feel more designed, which can make your listing more memorable in the minds of prospective guests. Not only will the bold colors catch a guest’s eye, it will also boost their mood! And if your listing makes a person feel energized, they are more likely to book your home. If all things are equal (rates, specs, location, etc.), but a guest feels a natural attraction to your listing, yours is surely to win the booking.

The easiest and most effective way to add a pop of color is in accent pieces. A bright yellow blanket is just as impactful, but with much less commitment, than painting an entire wall. Throw pillows and arm chairs are another great way to use saturated colors without overwhelming the room.

Many vacation homeowners are shy to invest in too much color, but as long as you don’t overdo it, you’ll see the improvements immediately.  Trust the experts: according to interior designers, adding a pop of color can brighten your listing photos and add personality and style to your home.

2.   Add Elements to Help Guests Visualize Their Vacation

An ideal vacation looks different to different people. Whether it’s relaxing in a luxurious bath, lounging on the couch or hosting big meals around the table with family and friends – your vacation home should be decorated to help potential guests visualize these activities.

In bathrooms, easy to find décor includes candles and faux flowers to place around the bath and on the vanity.  In the dining room, some cost-effective elements like an elegant center piece or trendy bench can create the image of a fun dinner party.

Creating beautiful spaces should be your aim when choosing your design, and by keeping the entire space in mind this helps to keep your style fluid throughout your home. Remember to step back and look at your vacation home through the eyes of potential guests and ask yourself if you can see moments of your vacation in the space.

3.   Cater to Your Audience

If your vacation home is in an area well known for specific attractions, consider this a strength – and it’s easy to play to your strengths! Take Orlando, FL for example, which is an extremely popular travel destination for families wanting to visit Disney World. Listings that cater to Disney-going guests may jump to the top of their list simply for the extra “wow” factor.

Other good examples of using your décor to cater to your audience are beach and nautical decorations for vacation homes in popular beach towns, or rustic cabin furnishings for rentals near ski resorts. These small, but very meaningful additions to your vacation rental can help your guests create memories they’re sure to brag about, and bragging leads to positive reviews which will boost your listing!

Using these tips is a great way to get started on making your vacation rental stand out in a stylish way. For other means of increasing your booking performance, check out Casiola’s website here. There are plenty more tips, tricks and advice on optimizing and managing your vacation rental!

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