Why professional photographs are essential for success

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Casiola Case Study on Photography Banner

Why professional photographs are essential for success

The Secret to a Winning Listing

About the Owner

John joined Casiola in 2016 in order to generate more bookings and revenue with his vacation home.  Our goal the next day was to create a listing for John’s home to add to our various distribution channels.  After our housekeeping team staged John’s home to look its very best, we brought in our photographer to take high-quality photos for maximum appeal to potential guests.

We quickly uploaded the pictures with some short descriptions of John’s home and a high-end nightly rate. Before our revenue managers could fully research the property, John’s home was already getting booked!

The Challenge

  1. Stand out among the crowds of vacation rentals and homes in only a few pictures.
  2. Accurately represent the space, making it appear as large and inviting as it really is in person.
  3. Create flattering lighting and arrangement to showcase the home design in order to appeal to a large pool of potential guests.

How We Helped

  1. Our housekeeping team ensured the space was tidy and organized and staged the home to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Our professional photographer captured the beauty of the home in wide-angle photographs so that potential guests get a true feel of the space.
  3. Casiola uploaded the photos and created a click-worthy listing to maximize bookings to John’s home.

Our professional photographs showed the value of John’s vacation home, and guests responded will immediate bookings. Since we created that initial listing, John has been maintaining a __% occupancy rate and charging __% more than comparable vacation homes in the market.

[ Add metrics and/or graphs showing results ]

The Results

  1. “Wow” potential guests and stand out from the crowd.
  2. Communicate the high quality and value of the home.
  3. Attract new guests to your beautiful home.
  4. Create more bookings.
  5. Increase your nightly rate.
  6. Guests experienced the same thing they saw on the images

Why Casiola?

  1. Highest quality: We take photographs and edit them professionally to look their absolute best. Our professional photographer captures the home in wider angles, allowing potential guests to see just how open and spacious it really is.
  2. Convenient and fast: We can organize a shoot quickly to get your listing up and running as soon as possible.
  3. Accurate: Images showed the real thing without any special effects editing.
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