How updating Joe’s home design paid for itself

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Casiola Interior Design Case Study

How updating Joe’s home design paid for itself

About the Owner

Joe joined Casiola in early 2015 with a fabulous 5 bedroom, 6.5 bath, built-in BBQ and a pool with a hot tub.  During the onboarding process Joe expressed confident about his decoration and assured us the furniture, and decor, was of high quality.   He also added that the unit resembled his residence.

After six months of reviewing Casiola’s statements and other reports such as How Your Unit Compares with Others, Joe contacted us asking why his vacation home was performing below average.  We met with Joe and his wife Emily and convinced him to take a leap of faith on a good deal we got him to replace some of his furniture.

Immediately after we uploaded the pictures of his rental home with the new furniture, and other accessories, people started to click on the feature image.  Joe was so pleased after receiving the following monthly statement, that he stopped by our office to bring us donuts, bagels and coffee.  And asked us what else can we do for him.

That same month, Joe and Emily agreed to replaced most of the furniture at a fraction of the price they spent on the original furnishing.  Emily was very honest with us, “I would never furnish my home like this yet I do like it very much!”, she said to our in-house Interior Designer.

In summary, Joe and Emily have an impressive sense of decoration and take pride in the quality of their furniture.  They understood that their taste, though exclusive and refined, was unique and not necessarily appealing to the majority of potential guests.

The Challenge

  1. Designing and decorating interior space to appeal to the majority of guests.
  2. Finding stylish but affordable pieces to fill the home and impress potential guests.
  3. Creating a beautiful and welcoming space that feels like a vacation, but also a home away from home.


How We Helped (Execution & Delivery)

  1. Through market research and years of experience in the field, Casiola’s expert team understood how to include home trends that add tremendous value to the vacation home.
  2. Casiola consulted Joe on which elements of the home to update in order to appeal to the majority of potential guests.
  3. Our affordable shopping suggestions stayed on-trend and provided the “wow factor”.
  4. The final step was to decorate and arrange the new furniture to be ready for professional photographs that would help the unit stand out online.

The Results

  1. A stunning vacation home designed to appeal to more guests while fitting your style.
  2. Online listings that wow potential guests and add value to your home.
  3. More bookings with higher nightly rates.
  4. Dominating the market and doing a happy dance!

Why Casiola?

  1. Our team has years of experience in how to stand out in the vacation rental market, including on sites like Airbnb (where we are a superhost!) and HomeAway.
  2. We gather data and suggest only affordable pieces that will significantly raise the value of your home as it is seen online.
  3. We know that updated and beautiful homes attract quality clients that will want to return in the future.
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