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Casiola Fire Extinguisher Gage

Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Certification

Inspection Beyond the Regulations

Making sure every extinguisher works properly is an insurance on its own.


Fire extinguisher certification requires an annual inspection by a Florida state licensed technician to keep your vacation home current with Florida Fire Prevention Code and ensure the safety of all your guests.

It is mandatory that all extinguishers are checked and inspected at least once a year. As proof of this inspection, they are certified by the state technician. More on that below.

Six-year Recharge & Maintenance

Dry chemical fire extinguishers over six years old require a recharge and a six-year maintenance. In addition to certification, the technician will fire the extinguisher and change expired parts.


Dry chemical fire extinguishers over twelve years old require a hydro-test. This service tests accurate pressure by filling an emptied extinguisher with water and pressurizing it to Florida Fire Prevention Code standards.

Casiola Fire Extinguisher GageMarkings

When an extinguisher is hydro-tested, recharged, or receives a six-year maintenance, a sticker will be placed on the back of the extinguisher marking the service and, if necessary, the hydrotest pressure. A collar will be placed on an extinguisher after a six-year maintenance. When the fire extinguisher is certified, it receives a certification tag, which can be a paper tag or a sticker tag.

What You Can Do As An Owner

Please help us as a responsible owner every time that you visit your vacation home. Ensure adherence to fire extinguisher guidelines by seeing that:

  • Tags are visible and in good shape.
  • Extinguishers are installed in the correct places.
  • Extinguishers are operational and the safety pin is easy to remove.
  • The right type of extinguishers (by chemical content) are located in the correct places in the vacation home (kitchen, hallways, etc.)
  • Appropriate labeling and operating instructions are on the extinguishers.
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